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Senin, 06 Desember 2010

english II

simple present tense
Contoh: umi teaches english II every tuesday
contoh: english II is tought by umi every tuesday
i,you,we,they : do not/don't
he,she,it : does not/ doesn't
kalimat tanya : do you teach english every tuesday?
answer: yes, i do.........no, i don't
information quest : what days do you teach engllish II?
answer : i teach english II every saturday
continous tense
contoh kalimat active: we are studying english II righht now
tobe+v3 atau is am are + being + v3
contoh : english II is being studied by us righht now
simple past
contoh : umi helped the student last week (actv)
s + v2 + o + adv of time
contoh : the student were helped by umi last week (psv)
o + tobe + v3+ s + adv time
i, she, he, it = was
they, we, you = were

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