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Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

contoh kalimat bahsa inggris

I would come to the movie when Tetty came last night.
I was studying math when Dina called last night.
Some students are going to arrange a reunion party at school next month.
My friend is reading a book in the classroom.
A reunion party is going to be arranged by some students at school next month.
The house was enlarged and repainted by my father.
That they have graduated makes their parents happy.
After he had bought a new car, he sold his old one.
James usually studies English at this time. However, he is watching TV now.
My teacher always becomes angry when we did not do our homework.
I do not remember anything. Everything is gone
Susan is sweeping the floor while Sussie is sitting on the sofa
My father has three houses. He is selling one of them now
Dany and Danu are listening to a rock song. The song sounds so loud that I can hear it from here.